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Tree Surgery

Your garden trees deserve the best care available. Ruxley Landscapes offers a range of tree surgery services at competitive prices to maintain the beauty and health of your garden trees.


We have highly trained and qualified staff to deal with all your tree surgery requirements. We do the work with utmost care and caution to make sure that the work is done in the safest way.


We plan all work to be carried out and give due consideration to the surroundings and your neighbours.


Crown thinning

Crown thinning is the removal of smaller branches, to produce uniform density of foliage and branch structure allowing more light in. This also reduces wind resistances to reduce stress on the tree.
Crown thinning does not alter the size and shape of the tree. It’s a time-consuming operation that requires experience and expertise.


Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches of the tree. When crown lifting trees, large primary branches growing directly from the trunk should be left as removing them can create large wounds potentially leading to decay. Similarly, crown lifting on older, mature trees should be restricted to secondary branches to minimise stress and reduce recovery time.


Crown Reduction

Tree crown reduction is the process of removing branch tips, pruning back to a growth point further down the branch. Reduction reduces the width and height of the canopy. This may be carried out to remove dead, diseased and damaged branches, or simply to reduce the overall size of the tree. It reduces the mechanical stress on the whole tree and reduces shading and light loss


Pollarding is an effective way of reducing the amount of shade cast by trees, to thin the crown thereby increasing air circulation. Pollarding keeps trees smaller than they would naturally grow.  It helps keep trees a comfortable size for their local environment.


Target Pruning

Tree pruning removes unwanted limbs and branches as well as dead wood that would be a danger if it fell. The purpose of formative tree pruning is to assist and train a young tree to develop into a stronger and well- shaped tree.



Tree felling is the complete removal of the tree is the safest way possible. Tree felling is often necessary if the tree has received storm damage, is diseased or if it is too close to the property and is in danger of causing subsidence.


Stump grinding

Once the tree is felled, stump grinding removes tree stumps using a powerful rotating cutting head that grinds away the wood into small chips for removal.


Contact us today about your ideas for your tree surgery and we will be happy to discuss your ideas, giving you a free quote for the work.

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